Iris Browser

Iris Browser 1.1.8

Enjoy an improved online experience on your phone


  • Touch-friendly user interface
  • Tabbed browsing support
  • Several viewing modes


  • A bit slow


2009 could finally be the year when the mobile Internet really takes off. Up to now, browsing the web on a handheld device has been a painstaking process. Things are changing though thanks to factors such as faster connections and improved mobile Internet software.

Iris Browser is an example of the kind of tool that is helping to improve the mobile web ecosystem. Based on the powerful, standards-based WebKit environment, the application provides a secure and reliable platform for enjoying online content in the way it was intended.

One thing you'll notice about Iris Browser is that it makes viewing content so much easier than it is in Pocket Internet Explorer. It's very touch-friendly, so you can tap anywhere on a page then drag it around in the display. Zooming in and out of pages is as easy as double-tapping on the screen. Navigation is aided by a mini whole page preview which pops up in the corner of the page.

Iris Browser supports tabbed browsing and you can switch between these tabs through a visual, coverflow-style interface. Flicking between the pages produces an animated swoosh, and there are lots of these kind of special effects used throughout the browser.

Unfortunately all of these bells and whistles seem to slow Iris Browser down a bit too much, and it's certainly a lot more laggy than the likes of Opera Mobile or Skyfire.

It's touch-friendly features make Iris Browser enjoyable to use, but you'll probably get irritated by the slow rendering times.

Iris Browser


Iris Browser 1.1.8

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